It is with much regret to announce that after 23 years "The Judge" is closing. Many factors such as the uncertainty of covid, health issues and our ages have made the decision a reality. Introducing craft beer to Hamilton has been a marvelous journey for us. We have met many wonderful people over the years, seen our share of weddings, births and sadly lost some friends during our time here.

A special thanks to all the craft beer lovers, great staff (past and present), breweries and brewery reps. All of you helped create that special atmosphere that is The Judge. As one era sadly ends, I am happy to announce that as of February another era begins. The new owners will be carrying on with the spirit of The Judge. You are what made The Judge a special place and I hope you will continue to do so.

So, the story of The Judge, since it's conception in 1979 as a truly unique pub, continues. We are proud to have been a part of its history. Merry Christmas to all near and far. The best of health and happiness for years to come.

Al, Bill and Maria